Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Birthday and Lots-o-Aion

Yesterday was my birthday! (I probably wont be excited about my birthday here in a few years though) I'm getting up there, considering I've mentioned I started out playing Ultima Online, and I started out in their Beta!

Anyways. I didn't do any work yesterday and all I did was played Dragon Age: Origins until the hubby woke up (since he works nights he sleeps till like 3pm) then we played Aion the rest of the day/night. We got quite a bit accomplished!

I got to run Training Grounds for the first time and it was more fun then I expected and hella good xp. Sucks you can only do it once a day! Otherwise, I have to praise my wonderful Aion Strategy Guide for leveling us up 3 levels in a few hours. We'll be able to do Training Grounds one more time if we do it before we hit 29 (which we are a few bars away from). Oh and did I mention I was completely SLOSHED all night?! Yeah...Lots-o-Beer for the Lots-o-Aion night, and Lots-o-Fun guild chat convos. I wish I would have gotten a screenshot of our shaved pussy-cat convo. Our guild is full of fem gamers, at least 8 that play very regularly, and I must admit, we are all pretty damn sexy too. We still need to all get to 50 so we can start our all fem pvp team! (requirements will be: Must be Female, Must be 18 or older, Must use Vent (for confirmation of femaleness and organization, and must love to flaunt that you are a bad-ass fem gamer) So, if any women Aion players want to join up...we'll be starting this once a few of us get to at least 45ish :D

*sighs* Well, I'm still suffering from a small hangover, so I'm going to lay on the couch, catch up on last nights House, then start working on those logo designs again...I want to get them to get finished by this weekend. Hopefully the clients will stop changing their minds on their concept!

As for a screenshot...I was too sloshed last night to think about taking any :( I'll get one tonight if I get a chance to play a little.
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sorry for the long absence...

I've had a killer head cold and been staying away from the bright computer screen because of some major migraines. I have however finished up a few more emblems for a few more guilds and have been sketching on ol' pen and paper while I lay on the couch and veg.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finished the Eurohawks Requested Emblem

Yeah, I know...I'm posted this a few days after I actually finished it. Life's been pretty busy so it seems like everything I want to get done is going in slow-mo! This emblem is probably one of my favorites so far. Eurohawks is a Danish legion and they suggested something "hawk-like possibly with the Danish flag colors" and this is what I finished up for them.

Please note that this image is for Eurohawk use only!

To everyone waiting on their emblems; I'm so sorry that its taking me a little longer. Like I said before, life is kinda running on slow-mo atm.

Aion play related...Isn't it sad that my husband and I are only lvl 25? Since we only play our "mains" when we can level together its a bit slow going since he works overnights and sleeps most of the day when I'm awake...Our alts (and we both have multiple alts) are about to outlevel our mains! *shrugs* At least we both enjoy gaming. One big happy gaming family!

Well, time to go grill some chicken that I've been marinading over night and make fajitas! Mmm...then I'm back on here to finish up at least 3 emblems!
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Emblems Still Free To Use

If you want a custom emblem for your guild made feel free to contact me on the AionSource Forums at my Emblem Request Thread.

Here are some emblems that were just thrown out as ideas for my own guild, SCORN and other brainstorming ideas that ended up changing with time. If you would like to use any of them, let me know and I'll send you a .tga version of them and take them off of the "free to use" list so that they don't get used by any other guild.

Emblems Still Free To Use!

*All emblem colors can be changed to anything you want and you will not have to wait in my request line. If you like the concept but want a few things changed, I can do that as well, but if it will take me a while to edit it will have to go into the line of requests to make it fair to everyone else that I'm doing custom emblems for.*

Asmo VersionsElyos Versions

Bird With Ribbon

Bird With Ribbon





Raven Flying

Raven Flying



Eye With Wings

Eye With Wings


Sorry Pigeons...I had to throw this one out there!

If you would like to use any of these emblems, contact me with the desired colors or desired changes and I'll send you the .tga for the image as well as take it off of the free to use list so that no one else can use it. These will go to a first come first serve basis...I'll try to put up new ones as time permits...
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finished the Ruthless Gaming Requested Emblem

Finished another one! Looks like I'm on a roll :D Although this is making slack on my Aion playing. I keep taking a break from painting a mural in my daughters room to do some design work on the computer, and they are much needed breaks! The mural is 4ft by 8ft, so its going to take me a while!

This emblem I had no reference but we did decide we like a "brass knuckle" idea and the Ruthless Gaming contact showed me a cool image of a brass knuckle with blades (much like wolverines) So I flew with the idea and did a gauntlet instead of brass knuckles but the gauntlet alone was just a bit too boring. SOOOO, I added a shield to slash the blades through. I must say I really liked the outcome and Ruthless Gaming did too!

Please note that this image is for Ruthless Gaming use only!

If you want me to make an emblem for you, be sure to check out my free to use emblems in my blog posts here, or request a custom one at AionSource. If you want to make your own, check out my Aion Guild Emblem Tutorial on Squidoo.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finished the Mongrels Requested Emblem

I've gotten a few requests for emblems now...and keep requesting, cause I really enjoy playing around with ideas and creating them. It may however, take time to do since I am doing requests and still want to get my own playtime in...and I work from home by doing article marketing and freelance logo and graphic design. Anything that is paid comes first (sorry can't make clients unhappy!) I do like to take a break for an hour or two a night to do requests like this though.

I finished up the one for Mongrels the other day. It did have a tattoo design reference, but I redid everything in path mapping so that it would have a complete transparent and sharp appearance. I also took some creative license to change things like the wings and a few of the line shapes.

Please note that this image is for Mongrels use only!
If you want a custom emblem for your guild made feel free to leave a comment on here or contact me on the AionSource Forums under the name Ashlique.
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is it bad that I like botters?

Why? Cause I can follow them around half afk and attack their mobs and still get xp! I followed a botter around brusthonin for a good hour today and got my gathering up 25 points (from Rabano) and 4 bars of xp! And all I did was follow him around, do a backstab, watch tv, grab a rabano when he rested...rinse repeat!

I finally decided that I may need to go to bed since its 4am so I reported the botter and am now relaying the "love for botters" to everyone else...

Again, I have something other than a "true" screenshot. There was a post on AionSource about your character picture so I made up a fun collage of my girl.

I think she's super cute...especially her eyes...but maybe thats just me cause I have green eyes and I made her :D

Time for bed, hubby doesn't work tomorrow so we'll have to do some powerleveling to catch up after my week of no playing!
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mom is leaving, which means I can play again!

My mom is leaving in the morning so I can finally play again! Whats even better...She's taking our two year old for a week! I might actually have some peace and quiet and actually get some stuff done around the house! YAY.

So I jumped on for a sec to get a screenshot of our new cloak, so this will be the "screenshot of the day"

I made an AION t-shirt tonight and got it uploaded to my Aion Store. Keep watch for more gear!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Having Withdraws!!!

So, like I said in my last post, my mom is here...now I'm having Aion withdraws and its only been like 2 days! *sighs* me = pathetic

I might try to stay up later tonight and play a little. We'll see.

Otherwise, for something of note thats kinda Aion related...

My Aion Guild Emblem Tutorial is finally indexed in Google! YAY! That means if someone searches for information about making a guild emblem they'll see my tutorial :) And to think I only made this tutorial for the AionSource peeps. Its kinda nice to know I'm helping out lots of people instead.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zazzle and a Slow Day on Aion

So, I found a site called Zazzle. Its kinda like Cafe Press but way easier to use!

Here's what I've done so far...not much but I enjoyed making them:

I'll probably add a bit more tomorrow

I spent most of my day playing around with those stores and only played a little on my bank alt. Sold a few things, grabbed all her Altgard quests, nothing that special.

But I did run into:

My Screenshot of the Day...Again!
Yoghurt caught AFK...Again...

My mom is visiting tomorrow afternoon for about 4 days to help me finish up decorating the house. Gunna do some wall painting, putting up shelves, rearranging furniture, you know...all the fun stuff about living in a new house that has bland cream walls. Since I've always lived in an apartment since being on my house, I want to make this house actually feel like a home. More than likely I wont get to play much while she is here, unless its super late at night. My parents think video games are "of the devil" and don't even know the truth about my husband and I meeting through WoW (now you can blackmail me) :D When I was in highschool I was obsessed with Ultima Online and they blame that game for me not being a cheerleader and super social (but personally, when I tried to be social, I just got myself in trouble) I bet playing UO kept me from doing drugs and getting drunk at an early age...and it allowed me to love computers and get into digital art!

Speaking of art...My daughter made her first masterpieces the other day!

Photobucket Photobucket

I thought they actually were very appealing and put one as my wallpaper and put one on a shirt at one of those Zazzle stores :D

Okay...going back to bed (had only gotten up to take care of a fussy baby...but remembered I hadn't blogged since late last night)
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